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Like all the Country music t-shirts in the nashvillecalifornia collection, bigwin138 “Walker River Set Me Free” was inspired by the title of an Elvis Nash song and is only available through nashvillecalifornia.com. It also features a unique hand-painted picture of Walker River, as opposed to a computer-generated design, which is common with most Country music t-shirts.


Where is Walker River, you ask? The headwaters begin in the Sierra Nevada range of West-Central Nevada and the terminus is Walker Lake, close to Highway 95. The western fork of the river runs through California not far from the “ghost town” home of singer-songwriter Elvis Nash bigwin138.


The song is a medium rock-blues ballad bigwin138 accentuated by slide guitar. Elvis wrote it after a painful breakup to describe the restorative powers of nature. Talking to the river, he sings lines like, “Make your fast, fast rapids run through my soul,” and “Your cold water will calm my mind” capturing the power of a mountain stream to wash away hurt and heal bitterness, in a deep baritone voice that has been likened to artists like Johnny Cash and Trace Adkins.


If you enjoy wearing Country music t-shirts that are unique in character bigwin138 and one-of-a-kind, like yourself, we encourage you to check out our product line at nashvillecalifornia.com. And while you’re doing that, also take some time to read the interesting articles and listen to the great music that the website has to offer, courtesy of Elvis Nash.


“Putting art back into music.”

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