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Country Music Trend


Imagine, people wearing country music t-shirts with your song titles on them bimabet. Being in the company of tunesmiths like Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and Elvis Nash. Maybe someday.


The famous novelist W. Somerset Maugham said everyone had one book in them. If that is true and we all have a 400-page tale to tell bimabet, think how many songs we have stored inside us. How many country t-shirts people could be wearing. Gazillions! Pretty exciting thought, huh?


Before you grab a legal bimabet pad and pencil and begin writing titles and words for your first album, you may want to do a little homework first. Take some lessons and learn about the craft of songwriting from successful songwriters. That’s right. I said the “craft” of songwriting. Even though it takes a certain amount of artistry to come up with a beautiful melody or inspired lyric, great songs are crafted in the same way as novels, through meticulous editing and constant rewrites.


Making a great country t-shirt works the same way bimabet. First, it starts with the finest material. Then it requires a collaboration of talented Nashville songwriters and musicians to come up with a fantastic song, like “God Had A Great Day Today.” After numerous rewrites and edits, the finished song goes to the folks in the art department who come up with a design, which is printed on fabric. Finally, it takes you, the customer, to recognize the quality of our original, one-of-a-kind tee shirts and place your order.


We at nashvillecalifornia.com are familiar with how songs country t-shirts are constructed. We understand the process of taking an idea and turning it into a finished product. Whether you are a beginner, who wants to learn how to write songs, or a professional with a few cuts to your credit, our goal is to help you improve your craft.

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