About Elvis Nash

Well let’s see…

I didn’t set out to become some famous country music song writer. It was later in life that my penchant for writing country music appeared, at about the age of 26. I was living in Lake Tahoe at the time and met a guy named Tim Tierney. He seemed to capture an audience with just a guitar and vocals. We became friends and I started playing guitar. I’ve been hooked ever since. After a few years up there, I returned back to the Bay Area. I continued playing music, but really dove into music after moving again to Marin County. There I lived in small place and studied music, pretty much lived and breathed it. After putting out a couple CDs, I decided just to concentrate on writing songs and pitch them to music publishers. I have had several songs picked up by publishers, but so far no hits.

Music is a part of my life.

So even if I never get a hit, I’ll probably continue to write and play music. Being a country music song writer is just ingrained into my life. So thats pretty much in a nut shell about the music side of me.

There’s a lot of stories in between the lines of this bio.
The music sums them up pretty well. You may now listen to all of my unique country music tracks on iTunes.

Contact us Email: nashvillecalif@gmail.com
Phone: 707 231 7686

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