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Unique Ways to Draw Attention to Animal Rights

What do endangered animals have to do with hit country music on a blog dedicated to radio country hits? A lot, to be honest. One thing that a lot of people don’t take time to realize, because most of us are so busy with our lives, is that we’re all sharing this planet, and our ecosystem is very fragile. Not to mention that just basic compassion should dictate that you should never do to anyone or anything else what you wouldn’t want done to you and your family.

For instance, the snow leopard is a gorgeous, unique species of big cat that can be found primarily in the colder regions of Asia. They were labeled as endangered in 1972, due to so many poachers hunting them to near extinction for their paws and furs. Not to get hyperbolic, but could you even imagine a bigger species of animal in the world hunting down humans? It’s the stuff of science-fiction movies like Predator. Though put yourself in an animal’s shoes; that’s precisely what we’re doing to them.

It’s important to draw attention to the abuses of animals on this Earth, from poachers and trophy hunters. And here are a few unique ways that you—yes, you!—can draw attention to these abhorrent practices!

Three Ways to Bring Attention to the Rights of Endangered Animals

1. Do it with Music

Hit country music is actually a good way to draw attention to a lot of these issues. For many years now, many generations even, country music songwriters and lyricists have been using their pen to draw attention to all sorts of injustices and bad situations, such as war, famine, disease, totalitarian governments, and much more. Imagine the impact a popular song would have about endangered leopards. Sending a letter to those snow leopards, via music, via music, sends a popular message and gets people to listen. Using your musical talent as a songwriter or a hit song publisher is a very unique, ideal way to draw much needed attention to the abuses our planet’s animals are going through.

2. Like, Retweet and Share

If you do happen to run across a popular song that’s touching on a subject like the abuses snow leopards are suffering through, make sure you take the time to spread the awareness. There’s no better way to get this done than to like and share a post you find. If you see a tweet touching on these delicate subjects, retweet it. This sort of action takes you only a few seconds, though that simple action is helping to spread the message around the Internet so that it’s viewed by many more people. This is the sort of thing that can snowball and definitely help to bring attention to endangered species of animals, so that people can offer them the protections they deserve.

3: Tell A Friend

When you’re out with your friends at the river and listening to that latest hit country song on the radio, you might be inclined to speak about women or beer or your new four wheeler and going riding on the weekend. Though who says that you cannot bring up endangered species of animals into the conversation? The idea here is to spread awareness. You’d have to be a pretty heartless person to see a picture of a stunningly gorgeous snow leopard and not be moved at just how majestic this animal is. Who wouldn’t want to help spread awareness by telling more people? This is the sort of advertising that these animals need, and the simple action of bringing them up in conversation can have a massive impact on how they’re treated in the world.

You don’t have to be a member of the ASPCA in order to help animals out. You also don’t have to create any protest signs or go marching in the jungles of a foreign nation to stop poachers with your own two hands. If you’re a songwriter, you can draw attention to them through your art. Or if you just happen to be cruising online and find a post about it, you can do your part by sharing, liking and tweeting it out to other people.


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