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Reasons to Find a Similar Mate

Here at Radio Country Hits, our mission is to show people how a lot of things in life really tie into great country music. Hit songwriters have for years now, lit our paths by illustrating to us that everything about the genre of country music is a reflection of life. From your lowest times to your highest peaks, country music is a genre that covers all things living. It also definitely has a special place for relationships.

Speaking of relationships, doesn’t everyone want one that’s healthy and lasts and is actually fun to be in? We say that this is more easily accomplished by finding a mate (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, even a first date!) who’s a lot more similar to you than dissimilar. Yeah, sure, they say opposites attract. But a lot of things attract, and that don’t make them good things, like moths to a flame. How do you think that moth feels after nose-diving into the fire pit? Ouch!

So we believe that one should find a similar partner, and here’s why.

5 Reasons Similarities Matter

1. Life is Music

If hit country music, put out by fantastic country songwriters, has taught us anything over the years, it’s that’s almost every aspect of life contains some music. Living is poetry, and you can easily put that to music. This is much easier to do when your mate also shares your tastes in music, so that you’re simpatico on what you like and don’t like. Throwing on a fast country song when you want to dance, and a slow one when it’s time to shut those lights off – well, let’s just say that, yes, life is music, so it’s better to find someone who likes the same genre as you.

2. Always Having Fun (AHF)

Wouldn’t you want to always have fun? AHF, we call it here at Radio Country Hits: Always Having Fun! Men who like fishing, but have wives or girlfriends who don’t, end up having to take special trips for it, separating couples. And we don’t even wanna get into what couples do when they’re alone! Half the world’s hit country songs are all about that cheating, so let’s not go there. Suffice to say that, “Baby, let’s go fishing!” is something that would be amazing if both parties said that. Hooking up with someone a lot like you in a relationship is a surefire way to ensure that you’re always having fun.

3. Fewer Fights!

“Baby, I wanna go downtown and watch the live country music. It’s a great songwriter with great music!” “No, sorry; I don’t want that. It’s so boring. I want to go shopping!” Do you see how dissimilar, opposite mates really cause a conflict? This stuff is just one of the many situations that can lead into a fight, because couples who don’t have much in common fight constantly. Each party is just trying to be comfortable, so it’s nobody’s fault per se. Each person in the relationship wants to do the things they want to do, calling back to our AHF tip, and not having that in your relationship can lead to a lot of tension.

4. Easy-Peazy Holidays

Okay, so this might seem trite, but having someone with whom you share a lot in common also enables you to buy gifts for them a lot easier. And it also means—at least for us men—that you’ll remember those anniversaries, because you’ll be looking forward to going to that Jason Aldean concert with your girl when it’s your 5-year anniversary, or if you’re celebrating the day you met. Having these sorts of common interests ensures that you’ll be fully committed in the relationship, while also being wide awake. You can buy him or her that George Jones box set, because you know they love hit country music, and you won’t have to scramble around worrying what to get.

5. Longevity

Opposites might attract, though mostly it’s those flash-in-the-pan romances that bust up and fall apart in only a few short months or a couple of years. When opposites date and find love, they’re really just finding a taboo side of themselves. After a short while, couples who don’t have crucial things in common—like a love for hit country music or attending BBQ festivals, etc—end up drifting apart once that proverbial thrill is gone. Sad, yes, but also true. Opposites only attract insofar as there’s a new, exciting thrill. Similar couples are always going to find something onto which to grasp, because you’re dealing with a friend, every bit as much as a lover.<!–

Our advice to you here at Radio Country Hits: Find yourself a country boy or girl who’s also a fan of the best music on the planet! As the writer of this article, I can pick my guitar and sing, while my girlfriend sings along. I don’t have to worry that she won’t like the music and start demanding teeny-bopper pop hits. There’s just more of a connection when you go with a mate who’s a lot like you!

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