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The Greatest American Songwriters: Jim Croce 

Born in 1943 and raised in South Philadelphia, James Joseph Croce, better known as Jim Croce, was one of America’s finest folk singer-songwriters. While technically not a country music songwriter, and someone you may not hear much of on country music hit radio, the fact is that Jim Croce’s music has a special place with country fans, alongside the likes of Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark. Croce died in the middle of his fame, involved in a plane crash in 1973. Most experts agree that Jim was just hitting his stride when he died. An unfortunate passing of a young and very bright shining star, but Croce left us with some great music.


You don’t have to be a backwoods, junk-collectin’, livin’-in-the-’70s fool to appreciate Croce’s immense talent. Some of his songs are timeless classics. Time in a Bottle is one most people know and can sing along with. His smash hit I Got a Name is considered not only one of the greatest folk songs in history but songs in general. It’s just a heartwarming classic. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, Operator, and These Dreams are among others of Croce’s standout songs. 


Croce’s writing style was very esoteric in places while also straightforwardly deep and slightly poetic. In other words, he wrote songs that people could understand with very deep, ethereal meanings that transcended genres of music. In terms of country music, Jim never crossed over in his short career but his music was certainly appreciated by that scene. One has to understand that in the 1960s and early ‘70s, Hank Williams was gone and guys like George Strait and Alan Jackson hadn’t appeared on the scene yet. Country music was basically guys like George Jones and Conway Twitter, with some Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette sprinkled in. So with a shrunken genre in country music, many of these fans loved Jim Croce and folk music.


This genre is still alive and well, however, and you can still find country music apparel that represents it fully. 


The Texas folk scene, driven by phenomenal talents like Jerry Jeff Walker and Guy Clark, had lured a lot of country music hit radio fans to the folk scene. So when Jim Croce broke big, the country music audience was among his biggest supporting demographic.


Unfortunately for the music world, Jim Croce tragically died at 30 years old. With many of today’s music acts performing well into their 60s and beyond, it’s really hard to say what an impact Croce would have made on the world of music. One of his more famous contemporaries, Cat Stevens, is still writing and performing today in his early 70s. So it stands to reason that Croce would still be out there with his music. 


He is a legend who is always missed, one of America’s greatest songwriters.

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