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Why Country Living and Fishing Go Hand in Hand

When it comes to the type of music you’re going to hear on a Nashville country music radio station, most of it is pretty predictable. While most of us would agree that country music is the best genre on the planet, there are only so many storylines available on today’s country radio. Love and loss, partying and trucks, drinking booze, and that’s about it. Every once in a while, however, we get a good song about fishing, and many of us are definitely pleased that one of our greatest pastimes are represented in popular culture.
There’s nothing quite like fishing. On the river, on the lake, or even out on a boat in the bay, this is sort of the original man-against-nature activity that many of us pick up when we’re still little kids out there on the banks with our fathers, staring at bobbers in the water and becoming overly excited when that small perch takes the worm. And while fishing is a popular activity all over the planet, to the point where some call it a sport, it is especially popular in the rural country areas of the United States, where most country music fans love to fish. But why is it such an enjoyable activity?

Reasons Fishing is a Great Country Pastime

  1. It’s Peaceful and Tranquil
    Life comes at you fast and hard, and most of us deal with a ton of stresses in our lives. Dealing with the stress of working, bills, family drama, and so much more; it all really piles up. Many of us will head out to the water to eliminate these stresses. It’s quiet and peaceful on the water; tranquil and calm, and you can really get back in touch with nature as you’re focused on the patience and silence it takes to fish. It’s a fantastic way to alleviate the stress of life.
  2. It Taps into Our Competition
    There’s also a great sense of competition here, especially if you’re fishing with your friends or involved in an actual competitive fishing genre. As we spoke about before, this is really man vs. nature, and it’s up to you to lure those fish onto your bait and to catch them. There’s so much that can go wrong, like getting hung up, trying to set the hook too early, or losing the fight with the fish; not to even mention you might pick a dry spot without any fish. So it taps into your competitive nature very well and it can become exciting.
  3. Great Excuse to Party
    Like the man says in the country music song, “I’m here for a good time.” Not all of us are about to turn our houses into Music Row in the 1970s with Hank Williams, Jr. and Waylon Jennings chugging Jack Daniels. That’s a bit too rowdy for some. However, going out on the dock or out on a boat with some friends and a cooler full of beer, along with your rods and reels, is a great way to let loose and have some fun. Just be responsible out there!
  4. Boys with Their Toys
    We’re all the time buying new stuff, like TVs and tires, etc. Why not put some money into some awesome bait and tackle? There are all sorts of quality lures out there that can make your fishing experience a lot more enjoyable by making your trips more successful. If you love fishing, then picking up some quality bait and tackle is going to help you increase your catch.
    We don’t recommend cranking up that radio when you’re out there on the river, just to hear some classic country music hits from Nashville. But that’s why God made earphones.
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