Life as it unfolds... by country music song writer Ben Krahne

Contemporary Country Songs

Country music is rarely about fantasy. It's as real as can be. Some say its gritty, but for most people it speaks to them through their every day lives. Everyone, no matter what their interests or lifestyle are, has certain country songs that resonate clearly with them. Songs that we connect with are always the ones we prefer most. Music is after all an extension of who we are at our most intimate level. Real life moments, memories, experiences and outcomes... all written and composed into great country music tunes by the one and only Ben Krahne.




Unique country songs about life events and experiences.


What's Ben like as a person?

Down to earth, hardworking and always ready for a little fun. He's loyal, warm and ultimately human. You'll also find him to be a proud American who feels that doing what's right and honesty are important traits. An upstanding guy with a love for people and country songs - whether he wrote the music, or someone else did.