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Internet Bullying: A Unique Battle



If you’re a fan of old country music or the genre in general, you may be wondering why you’re reading about Internet bullying on a website that sells country music clothing. Well, the fact is that whether it’s a mega-star performer like Luke Combs, or an amateur country music songwriter like Elvis Nash, these are real, living, breathing people behind the names. Once past the prestige and the song lyrics, there are actual human beings. We would like to use our platform to draw some awareness to this in a more macro sense, with Internet bullying. 


Far too many people out there are victims of bullying and harassment online. For their race, their gender, their nationality, how they look, speak or vote, and so much more. The world at large has forgotten that there are real people behind those screen names, genuine humans who use that avatar but are not just pieces of code on a machine. 


It’s actually quite frightening when you realize just how many people have taken their lives due to Internet bullying, called “cyberbullying” in the mainstream. And it’s very sobering to realize that it could have all been prevented if only the individual(s) harassing the victims took a moment to realize that the target of their vitriol was a real person, just like them. 


Country Music and Compassion 


Sure, we’d love it if a bunch of people bought a country music themed t-shirt from our store. But we’re here primarily because we love country music. Regardless if you’re a fan of what’s played on the radio today, or if you’re still addicted to those old country songs of yesteryear, you probably know that we in the country music genre hold ourselves to a higher standard. As Hank, Jr. famously said, “We say grace, and we say ma’am.” But at this point in life, we kind of do give a damn if you’re not into that. It’s affecting people’s real lives. All of this hate and vitriol exchanged every day over people’s religious beliefs, politics, their personal lifestyles – so much of this turns into targeted harassment. 


In a fantastic song by Elvis Nash called Battles, the writer explains how many people are going through true trials and tribulations in their lives, and things like mean comments on social media are just adding to their problems, increasing their stress. 


Now, of course, if you’re here reading this, you’re likely a fan of old country music, or perhaps you’re checking out some country music clothing, and you probably aren’t one of those mean-spirited people who bully others online. The point we’re making is that we really want awareness spread on this. 


So, if you happen to stop in on social media today, allow yourself 30 seconds to put out a post against Internet bullying. Share someone’s story about how it’s damaged their lives. Help spread the message that cyberbullying is a real thing and needs to stop.


We all have our battles in life. A little coming together to support one another goes a long way to helping us win them.

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