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Elvis Nash and The Independents

Okay, so before you go looking for the band in the title of this article, let us just say that “Elvis Nash and The Independents” is not some new group on the scene. Elvis Nash is a great country music songwriter, whose songs you can find on the Internet. The gist of this article is just to toss out a reminder that you’re probably missing out on some of the best music you’ve never heard if all you’re focused on is country music radio. Sure, they play the “hits,” as they’re defined as chart-topping singles with high-volume sales and other factors. Though when it comes to true music that has integrity and soul, the independent scene is really where it’s at.

Why is independent country music better than commercial? Or is it better at all? This really all boils down to your tastes. Maybe you like those songs that get stuck in your head and whose substance really isn’t about anything deep. Hey, get together with your friends, and do the little “chicken fried” country dance on a Tiktok video. That’s fine. And it’s certainly trendy. But that’s music for pop culture folks who just want to blend in. Most country music fans, specifically fans of classic country, are looking for more out of their music. They’re looking for soul and feeling and things they can relate to. Elvis Nash and the independent country artists bring you those sorts of songs.

The reason that artists like Elvis Nash offer more is that they’re not constrained entirely by the commercial rules. Yes, you know what those rules are. The “song” is literally just a vessel for a catchy hook. You’re not allowed to use any English words above a 3rd-grade level, because record producers assume country music fans are ignorant and can’t speak proper English. Songs aren’t allowed to be edgy and deal with cultural topics, unless they’re siding with mainstream media’s approved takes. And they absolutely must not sound anything like country music whatsoever. Most sound like cornier versions of rap songs, with electronic music instead of real bands. This is what dominates country music radio today.

Be honest: When is the last time you saw someone wearing a country music graphic t-shirt with a “hit” song from 2022 on it? However, you’ve probably seen plenty of country music tees out there with logos and faces of the classic singers. Again, we’re not saying which is better or worse. We’re just pointing out that they’re different. Fans of more traditional country will love the independent scene and artists like Elvis Nash, because they’re making music that is far more about substance than flash.

It’s also very easily accessible. That’s a huge benefit of the Internet. Sure, you can go find Luke Combs’ music very easily on YouTube, Spotify, and other destinations. But insofar as you want to push beyond those top-40 country music radio hits, you can also just as easily find great music from independent creators.

Remember that feeling of listening to a CD or cassette, or maybe even an LP, and finding a track you loved far more than the singles that became music videos or radio mainstays? Searching for independent creators online allows you to experience that on a much larger scale, with entire artists and their collections that you never previously heard of. There are a lot of uncovered treasures out there just waiting for you.

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