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Chasin’ Goals

A personal commentary from site owner and country music songwriter Elvis Nash: 


With everything that’s happened these last few years, it’s easy to feel like time doesn’t move quite the same as it used to. The ticks of the clock can feel longer than they ever have and yet days can feel like they’ve been lost in a blur.
And I think a lot of this comes down to the lack of “pull” our lives sometimes have. Now, we still have plenty of “push”, that feeling like something’s breathing down our necks, be it the boss, or government or even our relationships.
But “pull” is something very different. “Pull” is about the drive that you can only really feel when you are chasin’ goals.
And that’s what Sleep is a Waste of Time is all about. It isn’t a song that judges or puts forward a moralistic argument. Instead, it’s really just an explosion of energy.
It’s not saying that you shouldn’t sleep or that you need to give up your life to the grind. That would be the “push” I mentioned before. No, this is all about the excitement that having a goal can bring to your life. Like waking up at 5AM on Christmas morning as a kid, having a true passion that “pulls” you from your slumber is a feeling that can never be reproduced. You want to commit every waking moment to reaching that goal and if you don’t have enough, you’ll just have to create more waking moments.
Sleep is a waste of time, is a declaration of passion, and one I hope that everyone gets a chance to feel. Elvis Nash
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