Life as it unfolds... by country music song writer Ben Krahne


Step aside boys, women are taking over as the leading stars in country music.
Stand By Your Woman In Country Music
The humble beginnings of country and western music included mostly male artists, but the genre has evolved over the last
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Incredible country artists, The Farm is a trio of talented singing musicians with a totally unique sound.
Hot Talent: Picking Favs from New Country Singers
Rising stars on the country music scene seem to come and go with a regular rythm.  From single song bursts
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Country Music Just Ain't What It Used To Be
I’m no musician, but you might say that I was country before country was cool. Mostly via enforcement by the
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Ben appeared on The Josie Show!
Listen to Ben LIVE on The Josie Show!
Listen to Ben’s interview on The Josie Show LIVE April 29th at 7:00 pm CST. To listen and chat live:
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Nashville/California Receives 4 Stars
Art is often times a collaborative effort. Consider Bono without The Edge or Mick Jagger without the counterpoint of Keith
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Nashville/California Album Review
I received an email from Ben inviting me to come listen and review his CD online. It will be available
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