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About Nashville, California

It’s an inviting and inspirational location.

Unlike it’s namesake in Tennessee, this place isn’t awash in big name country singers. I’ve lived here for about seventeen years, the only thing that matters to me here is to be able to write and make music. I don’t live here year round. I travel a lot, usually living in other towns for short periods of time. Doing what? Pursuing what everybody else tries to achieve: adventure, love, financial gains, you know, the Pursuit of Happiness…. (chuckle). What I usually encounter when chasing these lofty goals, is many twists and turns along the way. Like everyone else on this planet, things don’t always turn out the way you planned. I should say they never turn out the way you envision them. So what do you do when that happens? Well for me, it’s the fastest train back to NC to sort things out. There’s just no place like home at times like these. I usually find myself trying to make sense of it all playing my guitar to relax my mind. At these moments a chorus or verse comes out along magically out of nowhere. It’s a very strange experience. I’m surprised every time it happens. So since I was given this gift, I decided to study the craft of songwriting, a very interesting endeavour to say the least. Every song is a learning experience. Where will it lead? How do I express the idea that’s bouncing around in my brain, heart and soul to make people relate to the story? Not an easy task… just because the first draft might make sense to me, it’s another story to make it relate to other people it will resonate with. In such a case, I might invite a another resident of NC to drop by to help me craft the song. After working on the music and lyrics the best we can, it’s off to that other Nashville destination to a couple industry heads. They, in turn, read and listen to the lyrics. For the most part, they are very honest on evaluations. They’ll suggest how to make a song stronger, as well as any other helpful tips they feel will improve the appeal and marketability of the song. So, after rewrites on lyrics and sometimes music, I’ll get the the thumbs up that this particular song has a strong presence. This process takes days, weeks and months of communication back and forth before the song is at its full potential. That’s the point that locating the best country song writer to turn it into a studio recording begins. As you’ll discover here on this website, they don’t have to be super stars to make a good song fantastic. As head country songwriter hereabouts, I’d like to welcome you and invite you to have a look around the site. You’ll find some great all original tunes performed and recorded by truly talented independent country singers and assorted song writer on the Diamond Moon label. If you’re enjoying what you’re hearing, go ahead and add a single or the entire album to your collection. So thanks for stopping by Nashville, California for a visit. I hope you like some of the music!
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