Life as it unfolds... by country music artist Ben Krahne

Will Rise Again

... i keep on givin' all, with little in return

Brings A Heartache

... i see her pretty face surrounding me

Shelter Of My Heart

... the clouds fade away with just your smile

Point Of No Return

... every road back to you - I burned

Nascar Cowboy

... pedal to the metal with the rough side drag

Be The One

... you're the dream dancing in my heart

Church For Sale

... been a while since it's heard a prayer.

Contemporary Country Music

Today's sound in toe tappin' singalong songs from country love songs to revved up dance floor spins. Nothing old-fashioned is going on here. This is all new country music with original tracks and albums from independent songwriter, Ben Krahne.

Ben Krahne

Creating music from the depths of his soul is nothing new for this contemporary country songwriter. Nashville, California is his creative project for exploring his talent and sharing his views, insight and fresh country music online.

Latest Albums

Excellent Country Music Singles

Kalii Palmer Recording Slow Down Girl

Man, can that girl sing! All the female vocals on songs written by Ben Krahne were sung by Kalii on the tracks for both albums.

Since working on recording Ben's demos, she has gone from being a studio singer to a country music artist on tour. This gal not only sings, but also writes her own music. A truly talented lady, you have not heard the last of Kalii Palmer here on Nashville California.

Track 16

There Is Only One Ben Krahne

You will find he has a country music song to fit just about every one of your moods. They are all a reflection of life today. Add some talented musicians and great singers to Ben´s songwriting, and you have some excellent listening pleasure ahead.