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Which of these famous country music stars has recorded the most #1 hit singles?

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George Strait.
With 44 #1 Billboard singles, and over a dozen more #1 hits on other charts, Strait has truly earned his legendary nickname "King George." Though the others on the list are all insanely successful. Rogers holds 21 hits, Jackson holds 26, and The Hag has 36!

Which of these classic Willie Nelson songs was written by someone other than Nelson himself?

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Pancho and Lefty.
Willie's written hundreds of amazing songs, but one of his most successful singles (a duet with Merle Haggard) was Pancho and Lefty, a song written by Texas folk legendary songwriter Townes Van Zandt.

Of all the famous country music groups to grace the radio waves over the years, which one recorded the song "If You're Gonna Play in Texas"?

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Although aptly named for their home state, Alabama's music covered all of Dixie Land, including Texas, and the band made a career celebrating country life.

The King of country music, George Strait, has recorded dozens of hit songs and thousands of other songs. Most of us know hundreds! But which one of these songs is not a George Strait song?

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The Whiskey Ain't Workin'.
King George has never shied away from singing about the booze, but this memorable song was actually a Travis Tritt cut.

Okay, country music fans! Finish the lyric of this 1999 Tim McGraw classic:
You'll find better love
Strong as it ever was
Deep as the river runs
Warm as the morning sun

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Please remember me.
A relatively short chorus for a country song, this four-line piece of prose is powerful and poignant and speaks about a man who merely wants his former love to be happy and remember him fondly.

The Academy of Country Music Awards (ACM) are very prestigious, but its most prestigious category is Vocalist of the Year, both male and female. So, first up, which one of these amazing male singers has actually never won that honor?

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Travis Tritt.
You might be shocked if you missed this, given that Tritt is historically known for his deep, powerful vocals and has been complimented by legends as a fantastic singer. Though he has never been honored with the award.

Ladies, no way we'd forget about you here! Women in country music are especially known for having some serious pipes. Same question: Which of these extremely talented female singers has never won the coveted ACM award?

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LeAnn Rimes.
We would have guessed Sarah or Loretta when you put Faith and LeAnn on any list! But although Rimes was spoken about so much in country music due to her immense talent as a teenager in the '90s, she has never won that award.

Speaking of a great voice, which country music singer did legend George Jones merely call "The Voice"? (Not the Blake Shelton reality show!)

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Vern Gosdin.
George Jones was a powerful singer himself, though always contended that Gosdin, with songs like "Set 'Em Up Joe" and "Chiseled in Stone," was the true "voice" of all country music.

Here's another fun one. Finish this lyric from an ol' Waymore song: 'Lowdown leavin' sun'.
Done did everything that needs done
Woe is me
Why can't I see

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I best be leaving well enough alone.
Those other answers aren't bad, right?! We can see them working. But the song "Honky Tonk Heroes" speaks about the writer's issues in staying out of trouble in honky tonks. He just can't leave well enough alone!

In Loretta Lynn's come-to-fame breakout song from 1970, Coal Miner's Daughter, in which mountain hollow (holler) does Lynn claim to have grown up?

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Butcher's holler.
Mountain hollers aren't typically named after former generals or famous people. They can often be named after trees or the fact that the creek was dry when settlers found it. While we don't know how Butcher's holler got its name exactly, it's very likely that a butcher lived there and it just stuck.

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