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New Country Singers: Jillian Kohr

New faces pop up on the country music scene regularly, but not all of them are incredibly memorable vocally. Not just another pretty face, Jillian Kohr has a voice that needs no backup or harmony to grab you and pull you into the tune.

A lover of retro and the color purple, its not surprising that her single 'What You've Done' was pressed in vinyl and has a prime spot in her 1950s jukebox. She's really belting out the emotion on this track. Its hard not to be drawn in to the verses eager to follow the story line of the lyrics.

A self-professed firecracker sporting black cherry hair as a signature style, she's one part country and one part rock and roll. Like many an American raised on both rock and country songs, its hard not to have one foot firmly planted on both sides.

Her first album has been on the streets for a few months, and people are getting to know her as a fresh Nashville face. Like all other up and coming country singers, we're waiting to see what she records next. It's doubtful it will be unremarkable, not with a voice as sensational as this.

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