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Nashville/California Album Review

I received an email from Ben inviting me to come listen and review his CD online. It will be available at CD Baby at some point but for now you can listen at

And listen you should!

There's plenty of music “out there”...out there meaning...Indie song writer who are writing, performing, getting demos done, co -writing, singing spending hard earned $$$....etc. and a lot of the music isn’t worth shaking a stick at but then there are those that are worthy of listening to....Nashville California is such a CD.

Top notch writing, production and singing can be expected on Ben Krahne’s lastest contemporary country accomplishment. Ben’s done it right and....

Right off the bat “Point Of No Return” a co write with Donna Aylor says sit up and take notice. A sad tale of love’s final decision. It’s over but then on the next track it goes steppin into another song of love lost with “Zero To A Hero”. There is a “hopeful ending” though. This tune is another co write with Donna and recently passed Songramp song writer Ed Ramsey. How nice of Ben to have that included! A keeper.

“You only live about 40 years... if you don’t count sleep” Some clever lines on track 4 “Count Sleep”.

A very timly offering is track 5 “ Slipping Away From Him” A co write with Mike Daniels. “He’s scratchin, an fightin, an scramblin...but his future looks dim...the American dream, slippin away from him”. Heart hitting to say the least!

“Like A Hurricaine”...track 6 has Lyle Lovett written all over it....PITCH IT BEN and MIKE!

“Seven Pound Baby Girl”......cute as can be.
"Good Bye Chicago"( Hello Trinidad ).......saying good bye to the cold...and hello to the tropics for a much need break. Wished for a Steel drum on this but it gets it’s point across regardless.

Ben, Donna Aylor and Songramps Blake Hill join up together on “Just Around The Bend”...this one you’ll have to get your tissues out for sure folks! “Slow Down Girl” track 16 is another one they all wrote together on also.....enjoyed the video of this on Ben’s web site.

"Alcatraz" is a sure to be favOrite.... “I Left my heart in San Francisco...but it’s locked up in Alcatraz”....a bit of a blusy number, written by Ben himself as well as “Me”, “I keep On Hanging On” and “Undefinable Love”. A classic, timeless sound on this duet with Julie Chapman and Darryl O’Donnell.
Why a bunch of Ben’s tunes aren’t on the radio is beyond me....I caught myself humming a few of his tunes the next day and the next day.....after listening.....that’s a GOOD sign folks.

All songs recorded at Magicshack Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Great job guys!!

Produced by Jason Roller Thumbs up!!

Other shout outs to....
Craig Brickhard. Vocalists, Kalii Palmer, and Ronnie Kimball. Band members Jason Roller
guitars, bass, fiddles, mandolins, Ken Soper keyboards, Nic Milliner drums.

Much of the proceeds will be going to

And as Ben says from his web site....
“Nashville California is a collection of songs written on life’s events unfolding and put in perspective by music.”

There ya have it....or if you don’t.... you SHOULD!

All in all..........well done!

Thanks Ben...keep creating!

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