Life as it unfolds... by country music song writer Ben Krahne

Country Love Songs

If you're fond of great country love songs - you're going to enjoy the sounds of this collection of country love songs from Ben's two independent country music albums -Nashville / California and Rebuilding Those Bridges.album.A´┐ŻNo matter who you are, and what your life is like, there is bound to be a love song here that will instantly speak to you.

In order to feel the zing of country love Ben Krahne left bright lights far behind and landed smack dab in the heart of Nashville California.

Nashville is a small quiet place in the California countryside where you will find many fresh talents coming in. One such talent originating from this blip on the map is Ben Krahne. A country music songwriter who has proved his talents in his songs long ago. The tang and heart of country love songs is much different from the feeling you get in more contemporary music. These are songs with pure feelings and emotions.

Having spent seventeen years of his life in Nashville, the pureness of feeling and emotion he's woven into every strain and phrase is sure to pull you in. A very talented country song writer, Ben has a natural knack for conveying human emotion in words and music. It reflects in his songs which you will come to know listening to his work here on his website.