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Miranda Lambert Whomps Taylor Swift … Again

Fox says Taylor Swift 'ran into a little trouble' at Sunday night's Academy of County Music Awards show. However, she seemed to have the same problem just a few months ago with nominations for the CMA awards. Swift lost out to Miranda Lambert for Female Vocalist of the Year in November too. It would seem that Taylor is swiftly becoming the leading female country music song writer in past tense. One mustn't lose sight of the fact that real country songs are a little more outlaw than pop.

Miranda Lambert has a great voice.  My favorite video of hers is, "Fastest Girl in Town" - a rockin' rebel tune played to story footage that always leaves you cheering for the getaway girls. The talented country music star's also a songwriter who along with hubby Blake Shelton, wrote Song of the Year, "Over You". Lambert definitely cleaned up big time at the ACM awards, walking away with 3 categories. It is one beautiful song and the country music video of Miranda singing it is hauntingly awesome.

She's a busy lady. In between writing songs, touring and recording, Miranda is also working on launching her own line of footwear designed to bring out the inner outlaw in rockin' country ladies in North America. Watch for the debut of her fashionable boots and shoes in 2014.

Award #3 for Miranda Lambert? Single Record of the Year - "Over You". Wish they'd found a horse with a little less Roman nose, but he's still a fetching looking steed.



Hey Miranda - you go, girl.

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