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Country Music – It’s A Family Tradition

That's how I met Hank Williams, Jr. He was singing that song. It was 1979 and I hated country music... at the time. Those rebellious years when a kid declares independence can get in the way of seeing things clearly. Family Tradition was about the only song on dad's radio station I could stand. I was more the rock and roll type of girl. And Hank and I parted ways not long afterwards because moving out means you get to be in charge of what radio station you listen to.

Turned out to be a temporary separation. Country music has a certain appeal that no other genre can match. Returning to the Country State of Mind when country rock started really blurring the lines. Lynard Skynard may have been the one who brought me back, but Hank Jr. was waiting for me when I arrived. If there's one think he does well, its country rock with a rebel twist. He's just a bit Hog Wild and resisting that good ol' boy is difficult, and he sure does know how to jam, but That's How They Do It In Dixie.

He's had his ups and his downs over the years, but hey, A Country Boy Can Survive, and survive he has. With 10 #1 singles, 13 #1 albums, 20 gold and five platinum albums and winning  Entertainer of the Year 5 times in a row, its hard to say he hasn't had a successful career. One with staying power too. Old Hank's been performing and recording most of his life. With his presence firmly established and a hoard of loyal fans, he can do what a lot of country singers can't - release songs like Cow Turd Blues and continue along his merry way smelling like sunshine.

Williams is a Simple Man, but he's got it Made In The Shade. His latest album, Old School, New Rules is self-published. Here we have Hank at his rowdy, unfiltered best sharing his opinions with us all and they're hitting the nail on the head. Thanks, Bosephus, someone needs to cut through the 'whirl' as you put it because that's about all there is on the teevee these days and That Ain't Good. We appreciate the fact that you're concerned about Who's Taking Care of Number One.

This has got to be my favorite track from his latest album, Keep The Change.



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