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CMT Awards – It’s All About Country Music Videos

In days gone by it was good to have a great voice, lyrics the audience loved and looks. Now you need more to succeed in Nashville. Country music stars today, better be ready to be full fledged entertainers. This includes having some good acting talent, because you need to woo your public beyond tunes played on the radio or on the concert stage. It definitely helps to have an excellent script writer and video producer too. You gotta shine in your music videos. They need to tell a story that might be bigger than your song's lyrics.

Next week marks the date of the CMT Awards 2013 and the lineup of nominees is stellar. The competition is steep, but here the audience is calling the shots rather than a panel of peers. Which country music video is your favorite? Perhaps, like me, you have a super hard time choosing. It kind of depends on your mood, because they are all really good. Its about who is the best of the best.

Here's a couple of my favs...

Having lived around many lakes I have a firm connection with Pontoon by Little Big Town definitely hits home for me. Take one pontoon, put it on the water, add some fun people and a few stocked coolers on a hot day and you got a party barge. I want to know where they got one with a water slide! Thinking back on those pontoon days, it comes to mind that maybe its best that a slide isn't standard equipment.



But its really rough to vote for Pontoon with Pistols Annie up against Little Big Town with their awesome Takin' Pills music video. If the Annies are singing it, I'll be lovin' it. Haven't heard a song by them yet that I don't like. And how could this trio fall far from recording a hit? They are awesome together.



Of course, both of these videos are in the same category. We could go on like this for pages and pages with the lineup of nominees for the CMT Awards 2013. So who did you vote for in each category> I got so confused, I just couldn't place a vote. Hopefully the rest of the country music audience can pick up the slack.

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