Life as it unfolds... by country music song writer Ben Krahne


Miranda Lambert Whomps Taylor Swift … Again
Fox says Taylor Swift ‘ran into a little trouble’ at Sunday night’s Academy of County Music Awards show. However, she
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The Unvarnished Truth: Map To More Country Music Fans' Hearts
Every country song tells a story, but when Kacey Musgraves is delivering it, you can count on it being akin
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New Country Singers: Jillian Kohr
New faces pop up on the country music scene regularly, but not all of them are incredibly memorable vocally. Not
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Some Country Songs Refuse To Die
A lot of people think that Hot Rod Lincoln is a rock and roll oldies tune, but it’s really country.
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Remembering a Country Music Icon
Over the decades, Nashville has turned out many a fine female country artist. Not to discount the talent of gals
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How Important Is A Country Music Star's Name?
It seems no one would have gone gaga over Harold Jenkins’ music, but he had 55 No. 1 hits and
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A Look At The Best Country Love Songs
As old as the hills or as fresh as a daisy, there’s a whole lot of lovin’ going on in
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TV Guide announces television advertisers are after the spending habits of country music fans in ABC's fall 2012 lineup.
Sorry, But Country Music Isn't The Next Big Thing
It’s always been a big thing. Perhaps not for Tinsel Town or in the Big Apple where TV execs coagulate
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Mid to late summer is always filled with country music news as big and rising stars hit the fair circuit.
Late Summer Is Country Music Season
While all country music fans listen to the radio or song collection year around, late July to Labor Day weekend
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It's not the hat or the boots. Country songs that are hugely popular tell the right story and do so truthfully.
Great Country Songs: Three Chords, The Truth & A Story
In college I settled on Family 101 to make up the credits in Psychology for my freshman year course load.
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