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Refresh your clothing with this awesome and stylish colour T-Shirt. Get free shipping on this item when you purchase 1 or more.

This will go save a life. Donation will be made with every purchase of tshirt. Every sale will go help a child beat cancer.

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Don't miss the train! Show your support by purchasing my new shirt. A simple and comfortable T-shirt, with a very real message.

My song "Chasin Trains" is my story on what it feels like when you get your heart broken, something too many of us have felt. And even though everyone's story is different some truths happen to all of us.

Original and good country music is hard to come by these days. Nashville, California is my creative project for exploring my talent and sharing my views, insight and fresh country music online. I simply write and sing about life as it unfolds. That is the beauty of country music, it's a story that so many of us can relate to.


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