Life as it unfolds... by country music artist Ben Krahne

Disaster & Emergency Food Supply


Emergency preparedness is something no one should overlook. Failure to plan ahead could easily have you in sorry straights if a disaster should occur. It's something that even the government is suggesting to anyone who will listen. Don't count on emergency services to rescue you. By the time they arrive you could easily have breathed your last breath. Water, food and medical supplies are worth their weight in gold when you have to survive. eFood has just what you need for an emergency food supply and tools to help you fend for yourself in a disaster.

Prepare for any emergency with a long-term, storable food supply from eFoodsDirect.

Water Purification - Survival Stove Kit - Grain Grinders and much more

More Emergency Food Sources

  • Wise Food: Don't go hungry in the event of an emergency.

There Is Only One Ben Krahne

You will find he has a country music song to fit just about every one of your moods. They are all a reflection of life today. Add some talented musicians and great singers to BenĀ“s songwriting, and you have some excellent listening pleasure ahead.